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Terms & Conditions

  • Please specify your firm's name, address, pincode and railway station, full name of the transport when ordering.
  • The book sellers for which the goods will be sent for the first time or those who have not purchased the goods in the last two years, please try to send an advance amount with your order.
  • The latest available versions of books will be supplied only. We are not obliged to retract the goods supplied as per order.
  • If there is any mistake or inaccuracy in our invoices, do not get back the bill, but by reducing the packets / bundles, make a mistake by correcting the correspondence.
  • All the expenditure and liability for damages will be borne solely to the buyer after the book order is sent back or refunded.
  • Make sure to return the goods every year (in the same year) from March 1 to March 31, after which books will not be withdrawn, i.e. return the books of each session to the end of the same year (financial year).
  • Books will be withdrawn in the ratio of 10% of the sale amount, so sell them according to the sales capability.
  • The price of books can be changed without prior notice and new versions of books can be released for sale in the market without any prior notice, before all the catalogs are canceled.
  • Unfortunately, if a dispute arises, then it will be decided only in the Allahabad court.